"The more we know, the stronger your case will be."

The most important part of our consultation is understanding why exactly our clients want to cancel their timeshare. We start by working with our clients to build a detailed background for the case. Starting with the day of the timeshare presentation, we have our clients walk us through the entire buying experience. We leave no small detailed untouched, as even the most minor experiences can be a substantial factor in the cancellation process. 

While going through the evaluation process, most of our clients are surprised to learn that they had experienced multiple forms of misrepresentation during the purchase of their timeshare. The use of misrepresentation to make sales is frequently seen during timeshare presentations, even though there are regulations and laws in place to prevent them from happening.



Did any of the following accounts of misrepresentation take place during the presentation and/or purchase of your timeshare?

Timeshare is an Investment

Was told that purchasing a timeshare is an investment, and profitable.

Rent or Resell Timeshare

Was told you could rent or resell your timeshare if you decided to.

Fees not Explained

Extra fees associated with purchase and ownership not explained or pointed out.

False Sense of Urgency

Was told that, if you left the timeshare presentation to think the purchase over, you would not get the same deal, or the purchase would no longer be available.

Closing Process Rushed

After agreeing to the purchase timeshare, the closing process was rushed and the contract documents were not explained in detail.

Rescission Period not Explained

The right to cancel contract, and rescission period was not explained at any point in the presentation or closing process.

Need More Time

Told sales representative you were not interested, or needed time to think about the purchase.

Taken Advantage Of

Felt you were taken advantage of during the sales process due age, disability, language barrier, or other hardship?

Ease of Use

Was told that using a timeshare would be easy and more convenient than just booking a stay at the resort.