Consumer Protection - "Your rights were violated, and we're here to make it right"

Once a consumer realizes how difficult to use and expensive their timeshare is, the first thing they do is contact the resort. Regardless of the resort, the conversation with customer service usually ends the same way, and the consumer is left feeling without any options or remorse.

When the client is sold on purchase of the timeshare, there are consistent levels of misrepresentation made by the representatives, regardless of the resort. From exaggerating about the ease of use, to falsifying the financial value of ownership, they use whatever means possible to secure a sale at the cost of the consumer.

When a client starts up service with M.T.G Consultants, our first priority is to put our clients trust and faith into our process. By assigning a dedicated Case Manager to every client, we aim to build and maintain a level of confidence and dedication that can be relied on. We know it's difficult to give trust, especially after being scammed by the resort representative, and disregarded by their customer service.